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Thread: i can get reverse meterpreter shell because proxy. any help ?

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    Question i can get reverse meterpreter shell because proxy. any help ?

    hi every one
    i am doing a penetration testing to a client and found a bug in jboss and i managed to upload jspspy web shell. but i want more than a shell i need to hack internal network.
    i created meterpreter reverse_tcp and encode it 100% FUD and upload it and i started metasploit on my remote server and listen to port 1337 all things is okay . but when i run meterpreter on the hacked server i can get any connection . and also when i ping google i can get any reply always request timed out or cant find host name i think that there is a proxy or firewall itried every thing i know and many tools and trojans like darkcomet ultimate but failed . please i want a way or solution to that problem.

    i will be very happy if any one helped me

    thanks very one

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    Default Re: i can get reverse meterpreter shell because proxy. any help ?

    Sounds like you need to spend more time on information gathering, system identification and infrastructure/network mapping. As a professional penetration tester Im sure you know what Im talking about.

    I also hope you put a bit more effort into your spelling and grammar when you produce the report for your client.
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