Ive managed to block port 6000 (used for X11) as I do not need this.

I cannot block 631 though, ive looked at the firewall script and that did not help much i.e. no sign of port 631.

Any ideas please?

Are there any programs i can use?

And second question is when I boot up I get this message:

**** ERROR: Root partition has already been mounted read-write. Cannot
> check!
> For filesystem checking to work properly your system must initially
> the root partition as read only. Please modify your kernel with 'rdev'
> that it does this. If your booting with LILO, add a line: read-only to
> Linux section in your /etc/lilo.config and type 'lilo' to reinstall it.

> This will fix the problem.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is after using:

kernel /boot/vmlinuz rw root=/dev/sda3

Any ideas on this too - not too sure about the rdev command?