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Thread: Netbook Emachines 350 and the problem with graphics

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    Angry Netbook Emachines 350 and the problem with graphics

    Hello, As the topic I have trouble finding the helm of this image into four R1 backtrack like everything it as it should but when you open the console and when I scan the network essid cuts are only the first two letters ... seems to me that this may be the drivers fault, I tried "fixvesa" and did not help & "xrandr" give nothing.
    sorry for my English but I'm Polish
    help me!

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    Default Re: Netbook Emachines 350 and the problem with graphics

    Hi Killerro, welcome to the forums.

    I understand you are not a native English speaker, but I am having trouble understanding your question.

    Perhaps you could post the output of your problem? Maybe a screenshot?
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