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Thread: Social/Misc Forum?

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    Default Re: Social/Misc Forum?

    Or the 'whats the difference between hacker and crack plllzzzzz'
    "The difference between RAID1 and RAID0 is that the zero stands for how many files you're gonna have after a harddisk failure."

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    Default Re: Social/Misc Forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel-Amael View Post
    This thread is here, since a majority of the post land here it has a better chance of being seen.
    Not saying you were wrong to move it, just saying it's a good example of why a catchall forum would come in handy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Barry View Post
    Personally I think it'd be alright to have a subsection for everything else. The Defcon forums has one, so does the Netstumbler forums (and that's a happening place). You're right though, it will need to be watched, you know this is where the "how to crack wep" posts will migrate to.
    Again, semi-hiding it as a sub forum under the Experts forum can help mitigate this a bit. When you get down to it Idiots Will Be Idiots and they spray their crap no matter how you arrange the forum.

    Quote Originally Posted by voidnecron View Post
    Or the 'whats the difference between hacker and crack plllzzzzz'
    I'm still convinced that was a Troll.

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    Default Re: Social/Misc Forum?

    I think that a "Social Forum" would help build community. It would also allow new comers to acclimate to how people behave around here. In terms of a productive forum, this is priceless. Also, it gives people an appropriate outlet for thoughts that wouldn't necessarily fit in the other forums, but could still benefit the community.

    A "personal accounts" forum would also be pretty nifty for people to share stories and learn from them. However, I imagine that would probably be a moderator's nightmare with the many "Look at all the illegal activities I partook in!" threads. Though, I would like to give user's the benefit of the doubt on that one.

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