I had OpenOffice installed on bt1 with installpkg.
It was working fine and I had this Office-Button in the taskbar (its name is panel ?) with all OpenOffice Icons like Writer,Calc,... as well as Kwrite and so on. Afaik it was created automatically (or with very few actions of myself like enabling the visibility of an office-button in the kmenubar/panel-settings).

Yesterday, I did an update to bt2final and deleted the OpenOffice-folder from /opt to do a new install with OO in another language.
The office-button disappeared from the taskbar and I have tried different things, but I could not create an icon opening a menu with all the office-programs in it (only starting open office, it was only the main window without the subwindow containing the textsheet or the calc-sheet).
I simply want this small menu in the taskbar to select writer, calc, and others.

has anybody some ideas? thanks in advance!