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Thread: built in wirelss support

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    Default built in wirelss support

    Ok I just got a new laptop on friday (HP dv9210us) and one thing I always look for in a laptop was overlooked this time. PCMCIA. My laptop doesnt have PCMCIA and im upset with myself. Anyway BK2 doesnt see my built in intel wirless. Now I want to keep my HD just as it is, but what I am wondering is this. Is there a way for me to recreat an ISO of backtrack with some dirvers so that when I start thye CD the drivers will load?

    Im new to this kind of stuff with a little bit of Linux knowledge to get around so sorry for any n00bness in all of this.
    I did find a link that descibes how to install drivers for this laptop but its just if you have Linux installed. In the reading though they use Fedora Core.
    Is there any luck for me at all?
    Also if anyone knows of an external PCMCIA solution for me to use on my laptop to run an Orinoco card would also be a HUGE help

    Thank you all in avance and keep up the great work in the forum.

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    I think you could make a module with the drivers and include it in the iso, yeah. Search through the posts of last week in this Backtrack 2 Final area... I remember reading someone's question about it and someone else giving some guidelines for a new way of doing this.

    About a different solution.. maybe you can try out a USB solution in the meantime? DWL-G122 are selling quite cheap in eBay at the moment, but you've got to be sure you buy a hw version B1, which works without a problem.

    Good luck!

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    Default intel wireless

    what intel wireles is it? BT comes with IPW 3945 drivers and i think IPW 2200 drivers. There are shortcuts in the menu for them too. Let me know and i'll give you some instructions

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