My set up is 1 MBR partition (Automatically created by W7, 100mb in size)
10 GB NTFS Partition, undeletable, created by manufacturer as a *Recovery* tool, they say if I delete this partition, my laptop cannot be verified hence cannot be supported.
1 Master Partition (C: Drive) 150 GB, I partitioned this as such so that in case I will multi-boot a Linux system, I have sufficient space, the only problem is that I have another
Back up partition, (D: Drive) 300 GB.

Let me explain the problem I am seeing,

In W7, you can have 4 partitions. Any more free space that you want to format would not be recognized by the system anymore, here lies the dilemma, if I install BT4, on my C: Drive, I understand that there will be an option to support BT4 (via *Shrinking* the drive)

If I do this, will I also be able to reformat my Windows 7 Installation? Given that once I install BT4, I will be having more than 4 partitions in my system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, TIA.