Hey guys,

So I am having an issue with my broadcom wnic. According to:
HCL:Wireless - Offensive-security.com

My card is supported by the bcm43xx driver. So, I start my networking with auto wlan0 set to dhcp but it never grabs an ip. next I look at /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and I see that bcm43xx is blacklisted w/ comment that b43 and ssd are replacing it. Ok, I'm not sure what is going on. When I comment that line out and restart networking I can set my wlan0 to monitoring mode but I still cant configure it to the network. I.e. No ip. I do have wpa2 on my router. Could that be my issue? If so shouldn't I have the same issue with ubuntu or xubuntu? Currently I'm trying to look in to using ndiswrapper with another driver but I'm unsure this is the best route to take. If anyone else has a suggestion let me know pls. Currently I am using bt4 r1 but I have the same issue with bt4 final.