Hi all,First of all English is not my native language so don't be too hard on my spelling please.I'm from Holland,36 yo and heavally addicted to alcohol.Thats also the reason why i came here.Next week they take me into a clinic.Great news for my remaining braincells i guess.But they also feel something bad.The clinic is based on church things and in the mail contact we had so far they are more than happy to take me in.

So to protect myself i'm not gonna do it unless i have a way out to the real world.I insist to take my laptops with me.They don't give concrete information if internet is done or not,they turn the question.They want to take me in on thuseday next week so then i need to be finnished with my plan.

Don't have time so spam is unwanted,please a concrete reply if you want to reply.

If there is a connection i need to go for that.Now i have on my 3 laptops/books ubuntu running.(Vaio,Dot,EEE7).All of the three have some probs.The Vaio is the biggest but the worst.Cooling seems not to work out.Did my best job to repair but it fails so now and then.The Dot is a great machine but since i'll tried to get it drunk the keyboard is gone.The EEE is my trust,i simply trust it with its 4 gig.Problem is i gave it's battery away to someone who make a trip.

So thats the gear i have beside 2 nokia n97's.My plan is to play dumb and come in with 3 windows notebooks so they dont't gonna think i'm up for more.
They will find a usb in my stuff so that's out of the question.What ik can hide is the two magicgate cards from my handycam,8 gig each.It seems only my Vaio has a magic gate what not work under linux standard.It's also the only one to communicate with bluetooth.

Is there a way to get a fully loaded BT on at least one of my devices before time runs out?I need internet as well as you do.My second Nokia is so broken that i don't care to offer it.Has gigs and bluetooth.

If a Dutch is reading this and is willing to help me,please pm