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Thread: Problem with SET on machines outside of my LAN

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    Default Problem with SET on machines outside of my LAN

    Okay, so I've been playing with SET on machines on my lan. Specifically using the website cloner with the java attack. The java is loaded with the win32 meterpreter payload. When I try this on machines on my LAN (192.168 block) it works no problem, the webserver can be accessed, java downloaded, once ran it connects back to the listener and the meterpreter shell can be accessed.

    Then I tried the same thing on a friends machine outside my lan. I forwarded the 2 ports from my router, (and eventually even set my listening host to DMZ just to be sure) It gets as far as "Sending Stage" and nothing else happens.

    Do I need to set the IP for the server to be my external IP somehow?

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    Default Re: Problem with SET on machines outside of my LAN

    Yes, SET works fine with an externam IP. Port forwarding does not work with java applet.
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    Default Re: Problem with SET on machines outside of my LAN

    I believe you want to set the LHOSTS field for your meterpreter_reverse payload to that of the external IP and of course, make the relevant changes to your router for port forwarding.

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