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Thread: sslstrip w/ My Wired-Wireless Network

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    Default sslstrip w/ My Wired-Wireless Network

    I have the following setup works

    # Victim
    [My Laptop@] < ---- > [My PC@ & Gateway@]

    Works fine running sslstrip & bt4 vm on my pc as the attacker on my eth0 interface.

    What im finding difficult is this setup, it effectively DoS attacks my router.

    # Victim on XP [My Laptop@]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [Gateway@]
    # bt4 VMware [My Laptop@]

    - Victim on XP is connected to the gateway on my 1490 Mini WLAN Card.
    - bt4 VMware is using my ALFA'36H to connect to the gateway, so both wireless.

    arpspoof between XP@ & Gateway@ with interface wlan0 works. But as soon as i do the iptables i effectivly DoS the router and the victim cannot surf the net, so the attack becomes useless.
     iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 10000
    So all im left with is a forum post from remote exploit i found the other day i cannot find again which breifly mentioned not needing sslstrip to do an attack like this because it is only encrypted with wpa/wep not ssl yet and that i can just run airdecap-ng to take off the encryption.

    So how can i get this working using either method.

    And going back to my original scenario with 1 client. If i reversed roles and used bt4 vmware on the laptop would i be able to do this sslstrip attack on the PC? or is it only limited to being ran from the wired side of the network?
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