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Thread: BT4 black screen ati HD2600 video card

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    Default BT4 black screen ati HD2600 video card


    When I boot with the live-cd or usb persitent, I have a black screen
    I made an update of ati drivers with the following commands
    dhclient eth0
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ati-driver
    Here are the result

    I await your help !!

    thank you

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    Default Re: BT4 black screen ati HD2600 video card

    The reason why this happens is because this is a bug that the devs are working on, as it turns out from a simple google search.
    Visit this thread for more information. Several others have been having this same problem, and a simple search on Google or these boards would have told you that.
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