Good Morning

i'm getting an error when trying to boot from my USB key with backtrack on it

the error message is

"No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!"

i have a 32gb usb key and i followed the following instructions from a windows XP box

1.Plug in your USB Drive (Minimum USB Drive capacity 2 GB)
2.Format the USB drive to FAT32
3.Download Unetbootin from UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads
4.Start Unetbootin and select diskimage (use the backtrack-final ISO)
5.Select your USB drive and click “OK” for creating a bootable BackTrack USB drive

i tried it multiple times and i still get the same error
i checked MD5SUM and it's good the download was good

what could be causing the error??
how can i fix it so i can boot from the USB Key?