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Thread: Backtrack 4 VMWare Internet connection Problem

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    Question Backtrack 4 VMWare Internet connection Problem

    hello every one

    i have a problem while i am trying to connect to the Internet while in my backtrack 4.
    i am using VMWare Palyer.
    I am using XP SP 2 as HOST

    Using a dial up internet connection on my XP sp2

    I want to share the Internet connection with BT-4.

    while installing VMWare Player it automatically created two new VLAN with IP. and
    with net mask

    I have configured Bridge netwoking while configuring the .VMX file.

    BT-4 running great on VMWare Player but i am not getting the internet

    I have done the following thing in My Virtual BT-4

    ifconfig eth0 up
    ifconfig eth0 eth0
    route add default gw netmask
    ifconfig eth0

    i can see that a static ip has assigned to my virtual BT-4

    But whenever i am pinging the gateway( i am getting host unreachable.

    Please help me...

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 VMWare Internet connection Problem

    I remember that starting wicd would work. It would connect automatically.

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    Default Re: Backtrack 4 VMWare Internet connection Problem

    For what I gather you are connecting to the Internet on your host machine straight through the phone line, no router correct?

    I don't have any experience working with VMWare and dial-up but if your goal is to merely access the Internet from within the guest (BT4), it would be preferable to change the settings of the guest to use NAT (sharing the host's IP address). Also it is much easier to use dhcp to get the settings from within the private VMWare network for NAT.

    It would also be advisable to look through the VMWare forums for a solution. I'm sure it has been asked on their boards many times.

    Good luck.

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