Hi all,

I realize this may not be the ideal place to ask this, but any suggestion/advice is appreciated, especially since some members have had such positive reviews/have taken the oscp course.

I'm interested in the OSCP course and an implied knowledge of computer science is obviously needed. I'm curious as to what level of linux/programming/etc... level of knowledge one should have before attempting to pursue this course.

At the moment, I'm not at all confident in my abilities for this course, please advise on areas where I should work on before attempting it.

I'm a fourth year computer science student (currently doing internships) and I'm interested in completing the OSCP within the next two years.
-Programming experience: Java/C/C++ including networking TCP/IP knowledge
--I'm working on some Bash/Perl scripting at the moment
-New to using BackTrack.
--Advise on what tools in BackTrack I should be comfortable using? Ex: as a part of my education in networking, I'm comfortable with Wireshark/Packet sniffers, what else should I focus on?

Any suggestions at all will be appreciated! This is something I would be interested in pursuing after graduation.

Thank you!