Hello all!

I'm hoping this won't turn out to be a wall-of-text, but for some reason I think it might...

I decided to try BT4 on one of my older laptops to see how it runs/how I like it. Yes I realize I can use virtual machines and I do initially, but I don't feel that virtual machine gives the same feeling as actually having the OS installed on a laptop to play with.

Visual aspects of linux is really important to me, or rather visual aspects of everything. After all, if i can't stand looking at it, why would I use it? That being said, I've been trying to configure "Advanced Graphics"(3D/Transparency)

The issue I'm having is the terminal transparency shows the desktop background, and nothing under it(unless it is not focused).

Things I've done:
I've downloaded nvidia drivers,
installed compiz/compiz manager(yes I know it's not fully supported for KDE), andenabled advanced graphic settings.
I've played around with various settings where I did get the transparency to work if the terminal window is not currently focused or the window is being dragged.
(However in the case of dragging, there are residual images that update every few seconds, so the repaint isn't immediate)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!