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Thread: Networking and wicd

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    Default Networking and wicd

    I was wondering if there is any need to use the command .../etc/init.d/networking start
    when i am using a wireless only connection, and therefore use /etc/init.d/wicd start.
    Does the networking start have any thing to do with the wicd part?
    Once again I am new to Back Track 4 and have worked out some answers to my problems by sifting through the forum posts.
    Hoping someone can help me.

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    Default Re: Networking and wicd

    I never used the networking script, "/etc/init.d/wicd start" works every time for me. This statement only applies to wireless connections.

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    Default Re: Networking and wicd

    OK here is what happens when you use /etc/init.d/networking start.
    A script is called that brings up several interfaces (if they are not already up, and if they are present) then it calls dhclient to pass out IP addresses (assuming the dhclient is able to do so). If the interface listed is not present then the script moves on to the next interface. So another way things can go wrong is if your network is not setup to allow clients to act as their own dhcp server (i.e. you have static IP addresses) the script will again move on to the next interface and try again. For more on this topic see the how-to
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    Default Re: Networking and wicd

    Just to point out as well, from the backtrack menu : Services -> Network -> Start Network ............ This runs a python script "start-network" which invokes the command for /etc/init.d/wicd start. So the menu item found at Services -> Network -> Start Network is not gonna bring up all interfaces and launch dhclient daemon as /etc/init.d/networking start would as explained above and go through all interfaces trying to obtain an IP. Although both programs/scripts are similar, /etc/init.d/wicd start is suited for establishing wireless connectivity.

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