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Thread: Windows cowpatty with linux (BT4) airodump .cap

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    Default Windows cowpatty with linux (BT4) airodump .cap

    I'm trying to use a .cap generated by airodump in BT4 with cowpatty on Windows 7. The Windows cowpatty generates an error that the .cap doesn't have a full handshake but isn't more specific than that. Aircrack on BT4 finds the file to be proper. The cowpatty for Windows I found is 4.0-win32.

    side question:
    I'm also in the process of using genpmk to generate a hash file as well. Does anybody know if there might be a compatibility with the file it'd be generating as well? I'm doing that on both my laptop w/ BT4 and my Windows box, but the Windows box is just so much faster. I'm using the wpa.txt wordlist for the hashes. On Windows I've used coreutil's "split" to chop it into halves. That is to say, which one of these should I stop?

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    Default Re: Windows cowpatty with linux (BT4) airodump .cap

    Did you open up the .cap file in Wireshark and look for the handshake?

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