Hello People, tell me please: In one issue. Especially do not Condemn for spelling, I'm Russian. We in Russia are not very developed Nix system, so visit here, I hope to get an answer here.

So. Is Linux Backtrack 4. It is necessary to configure vpn client.

Connecting a simple Ethernet, that is, without any modem directly plugged into the cable setevuhu. Whores pinged, the mesh all works. Its too Ip ping, eth0 interface is raised. Made just pppoeconf, if anyone will read it.

Staged Vpn client. and acted on this material Install VPN Client di BackTrack 4 ... cktrack-4 /

The client works .. starts. But at the start of what is happening is this nonsense ...

ifup-pptp (run the client)
And issues
Connect: ppp0 <-> / dev/pts/2
Terminating on signal 15
Modem hangup
Connection terminated

I guess that is created when you connect to the ifconfig ppp0, and when you start it clear that he is trying to create it (Connect: ppp0 <-> / dev/pts/2)

I can not understand whether that is with the protocols associated servak hochit not miss, or something else. From the WINDOWS directory or ms-chap ms-chap v2 quiet running. File etc / ppp / chap-secrets all peretryahnul, all that is possible there poperestavil)), even quotes a login with a password set. Actually guys, if anyone can help me .. please: go to internet)))

Ps The operating system is on the screw, do not work with vertualnoy machine.

Thanks in advance.