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    Default Obtaining ip...

    When i try to connect to my wifi, i get to the stage of obtaining ip adress, then it stops there, then it says it cant connect!

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    Does it have encryption on ? MAC Filtering ?
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    this happened to me too. i got it to work by going to Preferences (shift-p), arrow right to "External Programs", then choosing options for "DHCP Client" and "Route Table Flushing". for some reason, leaving those at "automatic" caused the problem for me. good luck!

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    Is the router doing what it supposed to be doing and dishing out those ip address (DHCP service is enabled). Check router logs. Although its a little advanced, i will monitor the traffic in wireshark and look for the "DORA-Discover, Offer, Request, Acknowledge" process for DHCP to see where it falls short(if it does).

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