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Thread: Setting up Fluxbox in BT4 R1

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    Default Setting up Fluxbox in BT4 R1

    So this guide is for those that choose to upgrade from BackTrack 4 final to the R1.
    This does not really apply if you are downloading the R1.iso.

    Please keep in mind that this is this a new release and there may be bugs
    (please report them)! Due to the image sizes and quantity, I have this hosted on my blog.

    Setting up Fluxbox in BT4 R1

    EDIT: I totally forgot to add the credits to Brigante and crossbower who are the main architects for fluxbox on BT4, and emgent for work on the backtrack-dragon script.
    Thanks guys for the work.

    EDIT: The kde gui tools are located in
    if you want to use them.
    Just open a terminal and got to the above and then look for kate or kdpf or whatever little tool you just have to have.
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