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Thread: some missing icon in the menu list !! bt4-r1

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    Question some missing icon in the menu list !! bt4-r1

    hi people , i would like to say thank you to all the dev for such wonderful distro

    i notes that some package not listed in backtrack 4 r1 , like synaptic and many more ,

    but ones u open the shell , and type synaptic then it will show up and then reinstall the teamviewer again from synaptic and it will show up in the internet menu , but if u didn't u will not see it in the internet menu , also the Remastersys , and synaptic , are having same problem , (not in the menu list ,u need to open synaptic and reinstall them again then it will show up in the menu list)

    for now thats what i notes ,and im sure there is more missing icon in the menu list , waiting for dev replay ,,,

    best regard

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    Default Re: some missing icon in the menu list !! bt4-r1

    You can fix this by simply editing the menu, right click the dragon select edit menu and then add it to the system sub-menu.
    Type the name Synaptic Package Manager, then in the "command field" /usr/sbin/synaptic
    Select an icon in the upper right hand corner if you want one. I don't know the name of the default one from 4 final.
    Any one will work though so pick one out.
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