I'm using a Toshiba satellite 1900-102 I've got it dual booting BT2 final with XP pro via LiLo, I have a Netgear WG511T.

I notice that the KDE control module shows no PCMCIA controller detected. Is why I cant connect to any AP's?

ifconfig -a
shows ath0, eth0, lo and wifi0

So I presume the wireless adaptor is available to bt2, if I use ifconfig ath0 up the 2 lights on the 511t flash alternately.

Wireless Assistant shows several AP's including my own, yet I cant connect to even the open AP's?

I have managed to get online wired via eth0, though I'd really like to get the wireless working properly.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong, be gentle I'm reading books on linux but I'm an uber noob.