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Thread: Atheros AR5001x+ problems

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    Exclamation Atheros AR5001x+ problems

    O.k. I have been at this for hours. I have scoured google, youtube, and these forums. I have found the issue all over but I have not found a definitive solution.

    I have successfully booted from BT3 and BT4 live cd's on a laptop and a desktop. I have successfully booted from BT3 and BT4 usb sticks. I have connectivity with eth0 interface every time with no problems.

    I have determined my wireless driver for both nodes: ath9k (laptop) ath5k(desktop).It is my understanding that both of these drivers are completely compatible out of the box. In all appearance they seem to work. The essid is resolved, the AP mac is resolved. All available networks are visible. If I manually configure the interface with the connection mngr. it states that the interface is up and working but there is no connectivty.

    I am not going to detail every method I attempted, if it is listed in the forum I tried it. One item I believe may be a clue is "AP: not associated". I will update with better details if I get any hits with this. I am a newb(hence the name)and I don't know how to remedy it.

    I have Ubuntu on VMware and Linux Mint dual booted with windoz. I have no problem with with wireless drivers on either instillation.

    I love this distro and I really want to stretch her legs. Any comments are greatly appreciated. If I missed something please just kick me in the right direction.

    Day 2....
    more of the same wheel spinning..

    If you want to use this tool you will need to work for it.

    O.k. I have narrowed this down to a Wicd / atheros problem.
    hxxp:// / just one of seemingly countless posts about this issue.

    MyUbuntu and Mint do not run Wicd. Consequently there is 0 networking issues. I am beginning to think that this is a conspiracy.

    resolved: another adaptor
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