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I do not think it is an issue of sub-par card, but more-so to do with the OS being used and drivers loaded. It seems that amongst the users who report bad connectivity via RTL8187, they all report fantastic connectivity via Windows OS. Strange, I know.
Actually, this isnt strange at all.

I have tested the AWUS036 for a long time with distant access points 1-2 miles, and have had great success with this adapter.

However, when I use it with BT, or Linux, the range and ability to stay connected is miserable.

I would have to point my fingers to the linux drivers vs the windows drivers. The hardware is all the same, so all thats left is the software (for the 8187L).

I am trying to figure out if anyone knows a way to get the AWUS036H to perform as well on Linux as it does on Windows.

For the people that are bummed about the AWUS036H, try in on Windows, you'll see what the hype is about.

Now, if it would just work as well on Linux it would be nice...

Anyone know of anything with this?

Do people get better performance with the mac or ieee drivers?

And to test this, just try to connect and surf the web, thats the easiest test.