I recently bought a new router (jensen airlink 89300 which im not happy with) so I decided to forward a listener port (4444) but turns out the router being as amazing it is somehow won't do it but thats another issue. I wanted to try the SQL injection tool in Fast Track on a site I know is vulnerable (its hacked daily, people editing the 'blog' section everyday etc.) so I thought id give it a go. I enter in the url with the injectable parameter. it starts to send over the binary payload in four portions and all of them are transmitted successfully and fast track gives me the message that if everything went well I should have a shell but it could take a few seconds.. the listener fast track automatically launches on port 4444 is running but doesn't receive any inbound connection.. why is that? (this is NOT behind a router, im connected with a cable into my modem)
I've been reading a bit on netoworks but don't possess a fully working knowledge and it wouldn't suprise me if I had missed some basic theory.
Although I'm 99.99% sure the problem is not in fast track i will try to set up a listener in metasploit and send a binary payload to a trusted friend.