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Thread: AWUS036H in Backtrack 4

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    Default AWUS036H in Backtrack 4


    It been 7 hours now that i try to install that card in my backtrack 4 with no resolte. I can browse the internet with the bridge that VMware made but iff i look for my network card in console i dont see it for resolte that all my networking tools is not working.

    I folow several posting but no one of those work for me. Please help me

    If some one can provide me step by step if possible to how to install it i will be appreciate! thanks

    I can see the card in the vmware but not in the backtrack. Its working 100% in my windows 7

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    Default Re: AWUS036H in Backtrack 4

    I'm still kinda new here, but it seems like you should of posted this in the beginners section. How ever, I have the same adapter and it is working fine with the drivers included with BT4 final. I would assume its your vmware setup, maybe try the live DVD and see how it works outside a VM.

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    Default Re: AWUS036H in Backtrack 4

    What steps have you taken maybe you can explain them to us so someone might provide you some assistance.

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