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Thread: I need your opinion about the PWB course of offensive security?

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    Question I need your opinion about the PWB course of offensive security?

    so i am begginer of backtrack , i started using backtrack after i learned by my self how to crack wep\wpa wireless networks and all this stuff very intesesting me.
    so after a searched where is the best place to learn more about backtrack i saw the courses of offensive security and its very expensive so i want to know more details from someone that know all this.
    i not a begginer with computers i am a computer technician , working in company for 3 years have alot of experience with pc\laptop hardware\software problems and also experience with networks problems but i dont have alot of experience with linux or programming languages (just know a little java language programming) ,
    so the big question is if my knowledge level is ok for this course and if i get this certification its can help me to start working with Information Security jobs?
    thnaks alot for the help

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    Default Re: I need your opinion about the PWB course of offensive security?

    There are plenty of threads on this subject. While we can't answer if you are able or knowledgeable enough to take any course we can tell you that if you look on the off-sec site there are guidelines to help you make that determination.
    Further it would be difficult at best to decide if you should take the course to get a job. There are many factors that would also come into play.
    One of those would be your previous work experience. As far as the price is concerned there are more expensive and in all honesty, the term is a bit subjective.
    EDIT: Also wanted to add, if you have further questions about the off-sec courses after viewing the above site, please contact those responsible at off-sec, that way you get the best and correct info. They are the experts on the courses.
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