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Thread: NMAP Issue + Keyboard

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    Default NMAP Issue + Keyboard

    So I've got this school assignment to use nmap within Backtrack 4 to do some port scanning and describe the commands and results I receive. That would be all too cool if I could just get past this irritating problem with my keyboard.

    For some reason i have lost reasonable control over my keyboard whereby my a and q are switched and my m and ; and my : is where my > key is located.

    I do not have my CAPS, num lock, or my scr lock on and I dont think I "accidently" hit my function key with another key.

    Has anyone expereinced this and if so, any help would be very appreciated. As you might guess this is a true show stopper if I can't type my commands out.

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    Default Re: NMAP Issue + Keyboard

    kde keyboard layout - Google Search

    good luck with that...

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