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Thread: Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

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    Default Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

    I'm having trouble updating bt4 since I'm behind a proxy server with authentication, I tried ntlmaps but didn't work and because of this my metasploit framework hasn't been updated for the past 200 days... any possible solution(s)....

    I'm facing trouble updating bt4 and metasploit behind proxy server with authentication... I tried using ntlmaps but no luck... Any possible solution(s)??
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    Default Re: Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

    Let me google that for you

    in particular, the first return in the list should give you what you want.

    thanks for searching before you posted. good luck with that.

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    Default Re: Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

    Different software components use different update mechanisms, so consequently there are also different proxy config methods. There is one method for apt-get (patches from the BT repo), and another for subversion (Metasploit). Google appropriately.

    You should also be aware of what authentication mechanism your proxy supports. Basic, NTLM, Digest, Forms based? Im pretty sure both subversion and apt-get support basic but not the other authentication types. If this is the case you might have to use an intermediary proxy like Burp to accept requests from apt-get or subversion (svn) and to then forward them on to the corporate proxy with the appropriate credentials.
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    Default Re: Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

    basically if you want to update via apt-get you have to export your proxysettings like that in a terminal:

    export http_proxy=username:password@proxyserver:proxyport
    That should work. Remember that you either have to put it into your bash profile or type it in every time again.

    For SVN you have to edit the appropriate file in /etc that also goes for some other stuff. But for the apt-get functionality the above should be enough.
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    Default Re: Trouble updating bt4 behind proxy server....

    OP You have a thread on your problem. There was no need to make a new post. This is not the metasploit, or I am too lazy to research support forum. Take the advice that is given above and start researching the problem etc. Follow the rules you agreed to.
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