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Thread: can not update or install konsole on backtrack4

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    Default can not update or install konsole on backtrack4

    hi everyone, i am really new at back track, i have watched a lot of tutorial videos, and read quite a few articles about this but i can not seem to find out what i need.
    first off i downloaded the backtrack 4 iso and installed it to a usb stick using unetbootin. i followed the same process stated on the backtrack site and everything went fine. now after that was done i restarted my laptop and went into the bios and changed it so that it boots from usb. once that was done it boots up fine i get to this menu:
    Start BackTrack FrameBuffer (1024x768)
    Start BackTrack FrameBuffer (800x600)
    Start BackTrack Forensics (no swap)
    Start BackTrack in Safe Graphical Mode
    Start BackTrack Persistent Live CD
    Start BackTrack in Text Mode
    Start BackTrack Graphical Mode from RAM
    Memory Test
    Boot the First Hard Disk

    i just press enter on default.
    after it takes me to this screen where there is 1 shell/konsole with a green and blue frame and on top the backtrack logo but a chinese character instead of the number 4.
    now from what i can tell everything works fine, i do have the problem that i need multiple konsoles/ shells open. i type int he command konsole, and get something that says that it isnt installed to type in apt-get install konsole. once i do that it says something about not being fully installed and to try apt-get update or --fix ( i think dont remember). i have noticed that when trying to install konsole or even doing apt-get update it can not connect to the source. i was wondering if it is just easier to install vm workstation and maybe since i am in windows then i should have my connection or was thinking of downloading backtrack 3 and installing that on usb, from what i have read i think tha tone already comes with konsole installed. any suggestions at all please?

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    Default Re: can not update or install konsole on backtrack4

    Konsole is already installed in BT4. What you're looking for is the graphic interface of BackTrack. Which can be accessed by googling.

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    Default Re: can not update or install konsole on backtrack4

    This is not a problem and your concerns have all been covered. Now would be a good time to start searching.
    Look at the how-to and forum faq sections.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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