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Thread: VirtualBox from the BT4 repository

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    Default VirtualBox from the BT4 repository

    The virtualbox package in the repository will not work "out-of-the-box" (excuse the pun). The issue is with the vboxdrv code, which sets permissions and detects NMI watchdog.

    For the first issue, change SUPDrv-linux.c as follows:

    Replace current->euid with current->cred->euid
    Replace current->uid with current->cred->uid
    Replace current->gid with current->cred->gid

    Next in the function VBoxDrvLinuxInit(void):
    The comment starting with "Second test:" describes the next block of code which will attempt to detect if disabling the NMI watchdog was successful. Since the BT4 kernel ships without NMI support enabled (at least, from what I saw) it's safe to delete / comment out this block (I believe the correct starting line number is 451 and the correct ending line number is 491).

    Alternately, updating the virtualbox version in the repository should serve to fix these as well.

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    Default Re: VirtualBox from the BT4 repository

    This is not really a backtrack bug. This is an upstream bug. I will leave this here for others to see however.
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