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Thread: Grub 21 loading error!!

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    Default Grub 21 loading error!!

    Good afternoon! (morning,evening) if your on the other side of the world!.

    I recently installed bktrack4 to usb, I can boot it not a problem and all seems to work fine with the a tiny littl issue of (grub 21 loading error). My laptop is a dell inspirion 1525 I am running xp service pk 3 on the hdd and backtrack 4 on my usb flash drive. When i fire up the laptop if the flash drive is not connected i just get (grub 21 loading error), now if i put the drive in and reboot obviously bktrack will boot not a problem but windows will still not boot!
    I then inserted my xp reinstallation disck and rebooted my laptop hey presto i can now boot xp and baktrack!

    I think i know what i have done wrong during the installation of baktrack to usb i am under the impression i installed the bootloader on my hard drive either replacing the windows loader or installing the baktrack loader before it, Please tell me if my assumption is incorrect! My big question is can this problem be repaired without me reinstalling everything? its not a huge issue if it cant as my laptop is here to be tortured but for my own learning curve i would like to at least give it a go!!

    I have looked around on google and on these forums but this specific error does not seem to be a common one unless my searching skills also need to be brushed up on! any help would be fantastic thanks guys/girls!!

    Ok Ive added this bit extra because ive done a little more searching and found some excellent more up to date information on gub errors and fixes! This is where the source is from im going to have a go and see how much more i can torture my laptop and see if i can sort my problem from here. if anyone else manages to fix the same kinda issue using this page before i get chance please let us know.
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