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Thread: trouble getting Evilgrade working

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    Default trouble getting Evilgrade working

    Hey guys,

    I just recently downloaded BT4 and this is my first ever time using Linux, its great its like a new toy, i thought i would learn pentesting as a hobby after watching a video on Evilgrade so i bought myself a cheap laptop with XP on it to test on with no AV / Firewalls active.

    I followed this video Infinity Exists » Underground – Evilgrade it doesn't seem to work, im confused, is it the laptop im testing it on? is it my laptop? i think when i searched i heard something about not being able to inject on mon0 i seem to get abit confused at ettercap when im selecting my target 1 and target 2 i know i choose the local IP and the default gateway but does it matter on which order i choose them them

    also do i need to be connected to the same network as my target XP laptop when im doing this?
    also does monitor mode have to be enabled, im guessing so considering im listening on a port number.

    i thought it might have been my wireless but im not sure.. this is what i know from alot of googleing

    root@bt:~# uname -r

    root@bt:~# airmon-ng start wlan0

    Interface Chipset Driver

    wlan0 Intel 4965/5xxx iwlagn - [phy0]
    (monitor mode enabled on mon0)

    and when i test for injection i get

    root@bt:~# aireplay-ng -9 mon0
    05:41:07 Trying broadcast probe requests...
    05:41:07 Injection is working!
    05:41:09 Found 1 AP

    05:41:09 Trying directed probe requests...
    05:41:09 00:25:69:6E:37:26 - channel: 1 - 'SKY14117'
    05:41:09 Ping (min/avg/max): 2.376ms/5.556ms/11.736ms Power: -50.50
    05:41:09 30/30: 100%

    I found this iwlagn [Aircrack-ng] but haven't used any info from that page i honestly don't know where to start, any help would be appreciated i tried myself and spent hours googleing been trying for 2 days now so i thought it would be best to ask the experts so any help would be kindly welcome
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    Default Re: trouble getting Evilgrade working

    also i have skype on BT4 if anyone wants to view my screen? or would like me to post any commands and me post back results?

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