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    Lightbulb [Script] [Video] (v0.1)

    Watch video on-line: video:
    Download (

    What is this?
    This video demonstrates how easy and dangerous it is to inject a backdoor (a metasploit payload) into a .deb file (Debian software package).

    How does this work?

    • Either, download or copy the .deb file to /tmp
    • Extract all the files from the .deb
    • Extract any information about the .deb
    • Create a payload (via metasploit)
    • Inject payload into the deb file
    • Repackage the .deb
    • Start a web server (Not needed...just "helps")
    • Prepare metasploit

    • When the deb is run, it requires root access, which the payload takes advantage of. (=

    What do I need?

    • ---The script (see above)
    • Metasploit --- On Backtrack 4 final
    • A deb file--- Optional!

    How to use it?

    • bash --- No command lines - automatically downloads "xbomb" and uses that
    • -i [interface] --- Changes interface (defaults is eth0 - check with ifconfig)
    • -d [deb] --- Uses a different deb file. *Has to be the whole path *
    • -h --- Help

    cat /etc/passwd
    bash -h
    bash -d /root/gedit_2.30.3-0ubuntu0.1_i386.deb
    • If your interface isn't eth0, you'll need to either edit the file or use "-i [interface]". Check with "ifconfig"
    • This may not work with every .deb file out there!
    • This is a rushed script

    Song: LMC V U2 - Take Me to the Clouds Above
    Video length: 3:19
    Capture length: 4:18

    Blog Post:
    Forum Post:
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