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Thread: aircrack-ng not working

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    Default aircrack-ng not working

    HI, I am using backtrack 4 and I collected over 100,000 packets using airodump-ng and it doesn't work. All the tuts i watch they do it after only thousands. How come it doesn't work?

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    Going to need more info than that? First, are you cracking your own wifi network or one you have express permission to crack? Second, what type of wifi encryption are you trying to crack WEP/WPA/WPA2? Is shared key authentication enabled? Are you trying to crack a clientless network? You need to provide more information that what you have provided.

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    Default Re: aircrack-ng not working

    I'm sorry, I was pretty frustrated and tired when I initially posted this.

    I'm cracking my own WiFi and I'm using 64-bit WEP encryption. Shared key authentication is enabled. No I don't believe it's clientless, I'm not very educated on networking but if you're asking if clients are connected to the WAP then ye.

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