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Thread: booting issues

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    Default booting issues

    I posted a little while ago trying to figure out how to get bt4 going and decided that I wanted to figure it out on my own, but I can't seem to... I can't boot live persistant from a dvd image, I type startx and get a blank screen, so I tried to boot from a usb using unetbootin and I get a command line saying boot, after which if I type anything I get an invalid kernal error, so, I am doing something wrong. I can run opensuse, solaris, ubuntu kubuntu, you name it, but just can't get bt4 to work, I have tried redownloading the iso... basically anything I can think of, so maybe some of you guys could let me know where I took a wrong turn, thanks

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    Default Re: booting issues

    Pick one of those problems and provide some more detail about it - how to reproduce, exact error messages, what you have tried so far to fix it (searches you have done, things you tried, results you got, what you learned), etc.
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    Default Re: booting issues

    I have found the best way to set up and install BT4 is to use a Live DVD of BT4 to install BackTrack to a flash drive. I put a small (about 500MB) swap partition on my flash drive so I can have persistence without needing two flash drives and so it will not be hardware dependent. It works out rather well, but it lags a little sometimes, especially when multitasking, but I attribute that more to the slow speed of flash memory than to BackTrack itself. If you want to know the exact steps I used to accomplish that, feel free to shoot me a PM on here. It is simple, though, really. Just set up the flash drive like you're setting up a standard hard drive.

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    Default Re: booting issues

    nevermind, mods you can delete this thread, apparently I just had to shut down my machines for a few hours, I came back, tried both methods and it worked, detects my network and everything... no Idea what I did, but it worked

    thanks anyway

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