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Thread: dhclient ra0 error: no dhcpoffers received

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    Default dhclient ra0 error: no dhcpoffers received

    When itry to connect to the internet using this command:

    'dhclient ra0'

    i get an error saying:

    'no dhcpoffers received. no working leases in persistent database sleeping'

    any suggestions plz? thanx anyhow

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    Default Re: dhclient ra0 error: no dhcpoffers received

    Make sure that a DHCP service is running on your network.

    Are you using a wlan router? Tried to reset it?
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    Default Re: dhclient ra0 error: no dhcpoffers received

    The above tip is great. Also, if all fails, try monitoring the network with wireshark to analyze the DHCP Discover, Offer, Request, and Acknowledge process.

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