I have searched high and low for specifics on my laptop. I've used bt3 and love it. Ive tried to install bt3 to my hdd and have failed many time. Now I want to keep trying to install bt3 and just about to give up, but I remember a line from my fav movie. "Thomas Edison tried and failed 1000 time to make the lightbulb work. But only to find 1000 ways on how not to make a lightbulb, but only 1 way to make it work. "

So here goes.

I have bt3 on cd, bt4 on dvd, 1 usb port.

The windows system is windows xp home on a ibm lenovo thinkpad 1300 I series type 1172. The hdd is partioned from 160GB for win at 110, fat32 ext3 at 20GB and swap at 10Gb.

I've used backtrack.kmdr from the usb to install bt3 to the fat32 partition and lilo.config went there as well. rebooted the machine and no dice, booted to xp. NO lilo. What went wrong. Rebooted back into the cd and restarted, cfdisk, and mkreiserfs the fat32 and tried again with the kmdr, lilo configed again and tried again, no luck, still wants to boot into windows xp. So here is the thought, if I restart and format the fat32 and the swap again, make them an ex32 partition, re-install the bt3 and go into the windows mbr (I have the os disk just for safekeeping) and alter the mbr from windows to recognize the lilo boot for linux. Will this work or is it going to be another way not to do this?

As for bt4, I have it on dvd and the iso. Since my xp machine does not have a dvd optic installed, I need another way to do this. I like the look of the startup when I use it on my desktop machine. Nice graphics! I think that all of the commands that I use from bt3 will work the same way on bt4.

But now for the trick. How do I install the bt4 to my machine? I have network access, and the netbootin and is downloadable and useabel to make one to usb but forget it, by machine will not install from a usb because I already checked the BIOS and that option is not there, unless I can alter the mbr record and I will need specific instruction on at least how to do this.

So far, I cannot find a dvd-rw drive for my machine without upgrading to a new computer.

I have however, a seperate hdd (60GB) but that would entail of opening the case and installing and rebooting again. Too much trouble. I have used the bt3 with windows before in a Dell CPI-a with win 2k and works very well. That's why I am back to learn more and to use the more current version of Backtrack.

I want to install something there in the parts to the hdd because the loading of the bt is extremely fast. Using the live cd is ok, but sometimes the system and the memory lags a little when I collect arps and replay.

Any thoughts, questions and helpful input would be greatly appreciated and sorry for this being such a novel.

Thank you for reading!