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Thread: bootable cd/dvd.....not working

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    Default bootable cd/dvd.....not working

    Hi, I downloaded BT4-final and burnt it as an ISO image...
    When I try to boot it nothing happens..lED on cd/dvd player flashes a bit but thats it...and then the default alllready installed OS loads up. I have to Dell laptops I have tried this on..
    One is Inspiron 8000 running Windows 2000 server OS, and the the other, also a Dell is running Windows VIST - Home premium edition,,, Im wandering whats going on..??? Why want it boot??
    Thanks in advance for your insight>

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    Default Re: bootable cd/dvd.....not working

    The question that I have is that in your BIOS, is the dvd set first to be seen when booting or is the hdd set first?
    And is there a boot selection utility activated that allows you to select which device to start from?

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    Default Re: bootable cd/dvd.....not working

    On most Dells if you hit the f12 key during the POST it will bring you to the boot menu, which will allow you to pick what device you want to boot from. You can also get to the BIOS by hitting F9 during POST and change the boot order there. If you don't know what I mean by POST (Power-On Self-Test), it is when the computer is first booting up, before you get to the Windows (or which ever OS you are using) loading screen. It will say Dell and have a progress bar on it, you have to just keep hitting either F9 or F12 to get to one of the screens before it finishes the POST process. Sometimes a list of options will flash in the upper right hand corner of the screen during the post, but at that point it may be too late to hit the correct key. If you miss it, just remember what button it said to press and reboot your machine and try again. Hope that helps.

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