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Thread: Removing Backtrack2

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    Default Removing Backtrack2

    I followed the guide here:
    but I cannot remove Backtrack from my harddrive. I formatted the partition and it still tries to load. Can someone please help me remove Backtrack off my system.
    I would like to add that I was trying to dual boot with vista. It didn't work and I would like Backtrack off the hard drive. Thanks for your help.

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    i had that problem when i tried to install auditor. the backtrack cd wouldnt even delete it so i put my windows install cd in. when i got to the part where it asks which partition i want to install windows on, i deleted those partitions backtrack was using and then exited the cd. everything went back to normal.
    there must be other ways but i'v only been using bt for 5 days now and thats the only way i could fix it. back with bt2 now and sticking with it.

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    Default use a windows 2000 or xp disc

    The easiest way to do it is if you have access to a windows 2000 disk. Boot into the disk as if you are going to perform an install and instead of installing, use the recovery or repair option (i cant remember if they call it recovery or repair). Choose the option to use the console which will throw you to a command prompt and it will ask you which instance you want to repair. Choose your windows install and it should throw you to a c:windows prompt. From there, just type "fixmbr" without the quotes. It will tell you that its going to re-write the mbr and the current one will be lost or something to that effect. type the letter "y" without the quotes and press enter. Reboot the system and you should boot directly into windows. Once windows starts, just go into your computer management console and delete your BT partition(s). Basically, this process gets rid of lilo and rewrites and returns control to the windows boot.ini file. Hope this helps!


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