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Thread: If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

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    Default If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

    Alright, so I am pretty new to all this Linux stuff now hiding that, but I am fairly sure I am losing my mind over my Broadcom 4312 WLAN card-- i know Linux has problems with Broadcom-- i have extensively researched this damn thing tried countless whatever really yada yada yada. My question is it more appropriate to try and get this thing working and if so really what should i be looking for because under dmesg, lshw -c network its there or should I say bugga and get a new Wireless card and if that is the case any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

    Hi im also new to backtrack, but i did have a good old try at ubuntu last year im running a dell inspirion 1525 that also uses a broadcom wireless card! i had so many problems with it to begin with that in the end i just gave up! In saying that i now believe that some broadcom cards do work! but if this fails have a look at an orinoco gold these can still be picked up at very reasonable prices on the old ebay! Also just make sure it is compatible with your system!

    This is just my personal experience and please dont just take my word for it i am certain that others have had the same problems and that someone with more experience and knowledge will be able to shed more light!

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    Default Re: If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

    @ Cmen007

    I did a quick google search and found a few pages that list instructions for installing the Broadcom 4312. I do not know if they work however here is the first page google picked up. How to make the Broadcom 4312 Wireless driver work in BackTrack 4 on the Lenovo S10 « HydTech

    This also might be helpful if your doing any wireless cracking. b43 [Aircrack-ng]

    All in all it seems like it could work, now its more to put the effort into it or not?

    @ bandyleg

    you should try backtrack 4 on your 1525. thats what i have, wireless works out of the box and all attacks after running aireplay-ng test work including frag.

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    Default Re: If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

    Buy a supported usb adapter. Broadcum sucks.
    Of course, if you really wanted to have some fun, go to Wal-Mart late at night and ask the greeter if they could help you find trashbags, roll of carpet, rope, quicklime, clorox and a shovel. See if they give you any strange looks. --Streaker69

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    Default Re: If this is stupid just say so... I hate broadcom

    I have to agree with Barry.

    I'm new to BackTrack as well and honestly it is not worth the hassle of messing with the Broadcom wifi drivers. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 1545 with a Broadcom 4312 wireless card, and suffice to say I gave up rather quickly and just bought an Alfa AWUS036H USB wireless adapter for $36. I suggest you do the same for the sake of sanity.

    You could also wait until BackTrack 4 R1 is released. It's going to be using the 2.6.34 kernel which evidently supports injection for the 14e4:4315 chipset which is used in the 4312 broadcom wireless card. Or you could upgrade to kernel 2.6.34 yourself. I've seen some posts on the forums of people successfully using the 14e4:4315 chipset with injection after upgrading to the new kernel.

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