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Thread: How to make tools like bluesmash or bluebugger able to work ?

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    Default How to make tools like bluesmash or bluebugger able to work ?

    Hi !

    I have now read a lot of bluetooth tutorials on how to use and setup rfcomm and all this stuff to make bluetooth work for tools like bluesmash or bluebugger.

    But i havent yet managed to even connect successfully to my phone. I always get a reqest for pin code but none of those old stuff tutorials can tell the right point to set the pincode.

    I understand that some techniques like bluetooth arent comfortable to handle on linux.
    Its not easy to understand that you first have to browse the target bluetooth device, then check for the channels to use, then use mknod to create a node, then use sdptool again then use rfcomm too just to find out that bluebugger still not working.

    Can anyone write a bluetooth tutorial for BT4 only ?
    All those files called in BT3 tutorials arent even there anymore so you cant edit them.
    There is no rfcomm.conf.
    There is no /etc/rc.d

    I only want to see how i can pull the Phonebook off my phone.
    Even if i first have to bind it and input pin code. But I am not able to get a connection not with such a complicated over-3-edges system.

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    Default Re: How to make tools like bluesmash or bluebugger able to work ?

    Well I have both a rfcomm.conf and a /etc/rc.d directory
    So I don't know what you are talking about.
    I would suggest you navigate to /pentest/bluetooth/ and have a look around.

    root@dork:# locate rfcomm.conf  
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