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Thread: meterpreter file transfer

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    Default meterpreter file transfer

    Hi all im having a bit of trouble copying a file from an exploited box, its on my own,lab but tried netcat but doesnt seem to work at mo. can i use the tftp in backtrack in conjunction with my meterpreter session to transfer the file ? I can mkdir on the remote box no probs. trying to get a decent av working for use on home lan befor e sharing so far eset is the MUTS but can bypass with my payload but netcat might get flagged. Trying all options to prove av to be used will do its job and can then advise others on setup for secure network, client sides etc.

    keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: meterpreter file transfer

    Simple download / upload commands should work when in a meterpreter session.

    If in a shell session, should start TFTPD on your backtrack system and then use tftp

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    Default Re: meterpreter file transfer

    i think you don't have a admin meterpreter shell on the remote system. try to copy the file in %currentuser% or d:\.


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    Default Re: meterpreter file transfer

    There is some how to copy the file in the meterpreter the HEX of the file i don't know it if some one know it let us know.

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