So fairly new to BT but have used a bit of linux here and there in the past. Am basically trying to make use of my GPU in creating an airolib database for my wifi. If this was an NVidia card then I would have followed the HOWTO (which I still tried to do to get some general pointers) but alas I have an ATI card.

From what I understand I need to install some drivers, the Stream SDK, some form of OpenCL and then this should allow pyrit to utilise my GPU? I have got the drivers from the ATI site (10.1) and looks like they are up and running ok. Next stage is to get the SDK in. This is where I am struggling a bit. SDK 2.1 requires Ubuntu 9.1. So one would assume an earlier version of the SDK is required? So far my searches for a HOWTO or walkthrough for ati stream and backtrack have come up blank. The only two useful ones I have found are both dealing with errors during install of backtrack-ati. I have tried installing this via apt-get but the package does not exist apparently.

Does anyone have any gentle pointers? Am I even correct in my perceived steps to getting this to work?

MAny thanks