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Thread: Hardware - HP 311 1000NR

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    Default Hardware - HP 311 1000NR

    I am dual booting Win7 and Backtrack Final. Generally they both work fine. Here are some exceptions.

    I first tried using BackTrack Pre-final alone. Various hardware(sound, and trackarea) did not work. It also would not recognize the SD slot. I switched to dual-boot mode with BackTrack 4 Final and all is well.

    The internal wireless does not work or at least is not recognized by BackTrack 4 Final. I used all techniques to get the internal wireless to work. No joy.

    I am using Alfa AWUS036H with great results. Injection also works.

    I also tried Asus WS-167G. HCL says it works but I was unsuccessful. I tried for quite a while.

    I used Linksys WUSB54g v4. This works.

    I used Linksys WUSB54GC. This did not work for me. I followed all the instructions. I downloaded the driver, and did the 'ifconfig rausb0 up' etc. No joy.

    If you use the Alfa for wireless, you will not have any problems with HP 311 1000NR on BackTrack 4 Final.
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