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    I downloaded the bt4 vmware image. I have VMware Fusion, and a Macbook with OS X 10.6.4.

    When in:

    HTML Code:
    It's said:

    Boot BackTrack on the machine to be installed. Once booted, type in “startx” to get to the KDE graphical interface.
    They mean to open the .vmx file in bt4 folder, after the unzip? I'm having a error more ahead, and I'm just trying to check if I did something wrong along the installation.

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    Uhhh, no offense but, I don't believe you have any idea what you are doing. Generally speaking you would open your virtual machine software and start the guest operating system. Once it boots up then you would type the command startx at the prompt. As for why you are using a HDD tutorial when you already have the vmware image is beyond me. You should probably read the third link in my signature below to help get you started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Archangel-Amael View Post
    ...You should probably read the third link in my signature below to help get you started.
    btw, Nice use of Signature Archangel. :P (I haven't been on in a while and didn't notice it)
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    OP, if you have further troubles booting the VMware img, you could try out virtualbox with the raw iso if you want to learn how to install bt
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