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Thread: Resetting root password without login tested on bt4

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    For some really wear reason my root password it's doesn't work after make an clean re installation of my bt4, the only difference i do, it's to chance the root password with the gui on users and groups manager, so today i go out of the office and in a chill out time i dispose to start my bt and the pwd of the root doesn't work, i try every pwd i use just in case, and nothing, so i start my slow win7 and looking for some solution and i found this thread:

    So i do step by step all, and doesn't give me the prompt, so i try on my own and the process vary just for a little, for the purpose of this how to i use the characters "< >" to refer to keystroke and " " to refer to a command, so this is how you can do:

    Step one: Reboot or power on your computer without any cd or usb of BT.

    Step two: On the grub screen press <ESC> this is for stop the count down of the automatic boot

    Step Three: Automatically the first option will highlight (yes is the normal boot option not the recovery).

    Step Four: Press <e> and a text will appear it's a custom commands to initialize.

    Step Five: Press <TAB> this will return you a error message this it's ok.

    Step Six: Press <ESC>.

    Step Seven: Press <e>.

    Step Eight: Using your arrow keys, scroll back and change the word "ro" and yes is "ro" not "row", and change this parameter for the letters "rw" after change this, go to the end of the line and type "init = /bin/bash" exactly how you see with the spaces.

    Step Nine: Press <Enter>.

    Step Ten: Press <b> this will boot your BT

    Step Eleven: You will have to wait to the return of the command prompt yes it's a nice bash shell

    Step Twelve: Type on the prompt "passwd root" <Enter>

    Step Thirteen: After you hit <Enter> the prompt will ask to you the new password for the user root, so write your new password, and repeat the password hit <Enter>.

    Step Fourteen: Press <ctrl> + <d> this cause a kernel panic and the system will freeze.

    Step Fifteen: Power down your computer pressing the power button.

    Step Sixteen: Power on your computer and boot in normal mode, and you can login with your new password .

    On my next how to i will try to make a video tutorial, regards.

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    Default Re: Resetting root password without login tested on bt4


    If i remember correctly, I remember seeing a thread here about this a long time ago and someone else had created another thread on how to disable changing your password that way.

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