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Thread: Error on startup

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    Question Error on startup

    I couldn't decide to put this here or in bugs so move it if necessary.

    I've got a usb and live cd of backtrack 4 final, when I boot up either one on my computer I get the error: EXT3-fs:Couldnt mount because of unsupported optional features (240)

    Eventually it finishes booting and I can use most features of backtrack except wi-fi. I did google this and search here all I can figure is that it has something to do with me have ubuntu in one of my partitions. If anyone could give me a fix it'd be appreciated.

    Edit: found a fix 1)crash your computer 2) restore to windows 3)install backtrack....
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    Default Re: Error on startup

    i'm sure you already saw this... but if you boot into your ubuntu system, what does the fstab say about your root partition?
    mounting error? [SOLVED]

    i'm thinking if you have the issue listed above, try the ext3/ext4 change in /etc/fstab and then try to boot BT again to see what happens?

    also, for a second opinion, i came across this:
    Hak5 Forums > Backtrack 4 final is giving me some problems that I am unable to solve

    good luck with that, be sure to post the solution when you get it figured out, neh?

    EDIT: also, could you be a bit clearer on your wi-fi issues? it is entirely possible that you have an unrelated issue there...
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